Corvis (AKA White)

The Gentleman


Physical Description:
A tall handsome man with an elegant and aristocratic face. He has long flowing brown hair, sapphire blue eyes, and a small mustache with goatee.
He has a fairly athletic build and is quite agile as well.

He is always seen wearing a small golden pendant with the cameo scratched away. He strongly prefers to wear fine suits.

A very friendly, sociable man, Corvis commonly strikes up conversation with people near him. He loves poetry, and is a purveyor of wit. He also has a strong love of the arts, be it paintings, sculptures, or music, he partakes in it all.


Corvis is (was) a noble, or at least, he thinks he is (was). At present he suffers from some fairly bad amnesia and what little memories he does have are quite rough and unclear. He believes that his amnesia is due to some form of magical ritual or perhaps some magical entity that his family was last interacting with, but as for any knowledge on the nature of this magical ritual or entity, he does not know. The only thing that he knows for absolute certainty, is that the pendant that he now wears was tied to this ritual, and he thinks that it might be the key in finding out what happened to him and how to get home.

First thing Corvis would like to do is restore his memory. The second thing he would like to do is figure out where he is, where his family is (if they are even alive still), and reach them if possible. If unable to do that or if he is unable to do that in the short term, then he will try to establish himself into the local nobility and regain his family’s former grace.

Corvis (AKA White)

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