The Blind Artist


Daena is a beautiful woman even with the scars that cover most of her face, her forearms, and hands leaving her with looks no matter where she goes. Dark brown hair flows down her neck in ringlets, and once gray-gold eyes are now gone. High cheekbones and an angular jawline show signs of elven heritage, but her pudgy cheeks and small frame show her more human family.

  • Born in another land her mother was a human, her father was a elf. Her mother blinded her at 8 to disfigure her because she resembled her father to much.
  • After the disfigurement, she was taken in by a caravan

*Was taken in by Vistani, and was taught magic by one of them.

*Traveled to Ravenloft with the Vistani, was separated from them

*Daena wants to regain her ability to see


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